Creative Grooms Creative Grooms Xmas Poodle in Xmas colours 162235734 Xmas Poodle 162235722 Disco Pink 162235735 Xmas time 174396584 The Lion Golden Retriever turned into a lion 162235718 The Hyena Wolfhound x mastiff turned into a Hyena 162235719 Hyena during setting stage 162235726 The Tribal Zebra Working Kelpie turned into a Zebra 162235720 The African Safari Lion, Zebra and Hyena 162235721 Love Maltese with love heart on back 162235723 The Garden dog Maltese with butterflies, love heart designs 162235724 My first attempt at colouring 162235725 The Mowhawk Maltese with mowhawk 162235729 My little pony 162235730 Two tone 162235731 Two tone colours 162235732 Blue on Black 162235733 Purple tail n ears 162235736 one colourful tail 162235737 Free advertising Creative K9's airbrushed onto poodle 168520704 Free advertising via a poodle All airbrushed 168520705 Leopard spots used chalk 168520706 Stencilling Staffie with heart and daisy 168520807 stencilling using liquid chalk 168520808 Halloween Stencilling using Dyex 168520809 Halloween 168520810 Halloween 168520811 Dyex Dyes Summer rainbow 168520814 Pet-ttoos Stencilling 168520815 Pet-ttoos 168520816 Tail Art 168520817 Pet-ttoos 168520818 Xmas tree This was done with new Semi Permanent Dyes which only last a few washes 174396574 Xmas Bows 174396576 Pink on grey 15yr old poodsle brings colour to her life 162235727 Love 162235728 Xmas Cheer Candy canes, Xmas tress and Colours! 174396580 174396581 174396583 Creative Kids Drew my niece helping at Xmas and what an excellent Creative Groomer she is! 174396586 Snowman on a Staffy! painted on with non toxic India Ink! 174396587 Xmas Bandanas 174396588 Hair Extensions 174396589 Blow Pens Colours on tail 174396590 Pretty in Pink 16yr old dog coloured using blow pens and pink nail polish 174396932