We groom cats at our Pittsworth Salon

This service is NOT available in the Mobile Salon.

Pittsworth Salon - 0437 9242 897

Monday - Friday - 8am - 4pm

We prefer to groom cats when there is no dogs in the salons so expect a early appointment or later in afternoon. 


Prices vary depending on the cats behaviour. 

Full Clips     $70 - $120

Comb Outs  $40 - $70

Baths           $50 +  


( if a cat is to dangerous to handle, or to stressed by the grooming process, \we may have to suggest vet sedation) 


Yes of course we can do creative designs on your cat, from dinosaur mowhawks to colour, just ask first and it will depend on your cats behaviour. 

We ask all cats arrive safely in a cat carry cage please. 


All Cats benefit from being groomed, whether it be a simple comb out to a full clip. 

Creative Canines has studied cat grooming and attended seminars to ensure we use safe handling methods and to make it as pleasant experience for the cat as possible.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND SEDATION  - unless the cat can not be handled and then it must be done by a veterinarian.  As of yet we have not had to recommend sedation to any cat client.


Cats are surprisingly dirty critters, when they lick or "Clean" themselves, they are essentially spreading saliva over their coat - not really cleaning it. 

We find most cats are hiding fleas, dandruff and a very oily coats and a good bath, Blowdry and comb out makes a huge difference to the look of the cat's coats.

( Some cats will not tolerate water, we recommend starting your kittens young with bathing and brushing )


Long Haired Cats like Persians, Ragdolls and Himalyans care prone to matting especially as they get older. Some of these long haired cats also feel the heat of summer to much. 

To help them we can clip them nice and short in several styles, the Lion clip being very popular. 

Cats have very thin skin which is very easy to cut so we do not recomment owners attempt scissoring out knots, we have special cat blades and can safely remove matts and knots without pain to the cat.