Creative Canines offer A full Professional Grooming Service. Breed style clips, creative colouring, Large, Long haired dogs, Shed-Less Programs and nervous dogs are all catered for, no sedation used. 

Monday - Friday, Selected Saturdays
Pittsworth Salon - A Professional, State of the art, Pet grooming salon with retail section and Certified groomers. 

  Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday- Mobile -Grooming in the comfort of your home in the specialized Mobile Grooming van. Perfect for nervous, spoilt or older dogs.



All Price are an Estimate and can change depending on coat condition and size of dog. 

Prices are the same whether you use the Mobile Service or The Salon

Current as of January 2018. Prices can be found on the salon pages.


Full Clips -  All Full Clips include Full body clip, Style and length determined at appointment,  various lengths available depending on coat condition, Bath, Blow dry, nails, ears plucked/cleaned.

Small Dogs        ( <10kgs)            $60 - $90      Shih Tzus, Lhaso Apso, Cavoodles

Medium Dogs    ( 10-25kgs)        $90 - $110    Cocker Spaniels, Labradoodles

Large Dogs        ( 25 - 45kgs)      $110 - $150  St Poodles, Border Collies, 

X-large Dogs     ( 45 kgs + )        $150 - P.O.A  Newfoundlands, 

Breed Standard Clips are Available for all Pure breeds. These can be modified into a pet trim to suit your lifestyle. 

Tidy Clips - All Tidy Clips include tidy up of only face, Feet, Bottom, Groin, feathering only, Brush out, Bath, Blow Dry, Nails, Ears Plucked/cleaned. The length of coat is not changed

Small  dog      $40 +

Medium dog   $60 +

Large Dog      $85+

Hydrobaths -  brush, massaging bath with top quality shampoos twice and conditioner to suit your dogs skin and coat type, nails, ear clean

Short Coats   $25 - $45

Long Coats   $55 - $220  (de-sheds)

Shed- Less Programs

For double coated and high shedding dogs - Let us assist in reducing the hair in your yard and house!

This program is a continual grooming schedule to help reduce the amount your dog moults. The first appointment starts the process, with a  follow up groom in 2 weeks then they go onto a  monthly grooming roster. 

Price will depend on type of dog and how much de-shed it will need at the first groom. This price will be then reduced for follow up appointments.

CREATIVE COLOURING - Colour your dog into different styles - Stand out in the crowd with some colour or Bling for short coated dogs

Ears / tail only - $15 per sections, up to 3 colours

Nail art - dog safe nail polish - all four paws - $5 +

Pet Tattoos/stencils - $5 +

Full body designs and colours - P.O.A


Creative Canines is happy to groom cats in the safe environment of the  Pittsworth Salon - Mobile is not available for this service.


Full body Clip - $70 +

Belly, Groin, Clip only - $40 +

Bath and blow-dry only - $40+

Sedation - Add $100 on top of groom ( adminsitered by Vet under vet supervision only)  


Grooming of certain show dog breeds is available on request. Prices vary depending on breed and time.